About My Art Work


The motivation behind the expression of my art work comes from the feeling that the humans are here for existential compassionate environment growth. This way the self imagination and the impressions for inner strength has been developed in the “forms” figure and matter into constructive action, direction and the life with full of grace.

The essence behind is to enhance the shine within oneself and weave the fair growth. Into art the metaphors are to live for one another. This intense feeling guides to layout and reflect the colors for good existence.

That because- the reality behind the reality like some activities from people sometime grotesque me but allow me to lay and merge the color for hope and victory to carve and evolve self along with them.

Shweta Bhadani Modi

Artist into Printmaking and Paintings

I am a painter and printmaker, based in Pune, with Master in Fine Arts (subjectivity and art, painting) from Birmingham City University. U.K. Printmaking from Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan . And South Delhi Polytechnic for Women. Have given my participations on National and International group shows. Got some awards and recognition too.

I enjoy working with colours, letterpress ink, graphite and markers, grease pencils to form the lines, embossed, textural and subtle quality. For aesthetic appearance I like to play with light and colours. The essence behind my art work is to enhance the shine within oneself and weave the fair growth for one another. The technique performance allows me to search the next step……… It has excitement, seriousness, affection, and guidance, connection, all right to say, feel and see. The subjects “body and environment’’, how to be, why to be, again feels me to paint on each plot. Plot-according to me, is the surface to built and structure them gleefully.

The Medium

To make use of the traditional medium i.e. oil on canvas, drawings and printmaking( etching, linocut, woodcut, lithography) like to create art work which reflect as an open door to associative response. So as to start the work, art continue from lines to forms and the drawing images in figure on my drawing book first. This layout is completed as collage. The established composition takes in the final drawing on the canvas or on the matrix plate, so as to start the color process one after another which has metaphors and it also connect the images drawn. Life ultimately forms a metaphor and signifies. The colors like silver- grey, silver- green, white, yellow, sepia, black, red and ultramarine….are common in my art work. Like silver grey enhancing the shine within self and craving the hope for other. Ultramarine is the positive flow between materials, ethical and transcendent.

This is for an individual energy and to make the value for the existential environment growth. This thought strengthen me and add the qualities without forgetting the previous good qualities.